An Abacus Of Pitter-Patter Braided Into A Smooth Rhythm. Gia Woods Has A Voice That Slithers With Both Elasticity And Gloss. Persian Born; Gia Describes Her Upcoming EP As The Heartbreak County…” A Fucked-Up Paradise” Where A Pristine Glamor Prevails Over Self-Pity. Glamour Resulting From The Navigation Of Superficial Landscapes…Gia’s Voice Is Stained With Memories Of Exile And The Difficulties Of Coming Out As A Lesbian. Next Girlfriend, Gia’s Latest Autumnal Flower Is Like The Popsicle That Never Melts—As Tart As Raspberry.


How have you arrived at the place that you are currently at, and how would you describe that process for you?

I got into music at such  vio777 a young age, and I feel like since I started doing it professionally I feel like I started to figure out my sound throughout the last few years…It’s been amazing I feel like I’ve had the time, the space, and the awareness of where I want to go and where I want my music to be and I just feel like I’ve been growing all these years to get to this point.


How would you describe your current sound?

I would describe my sound right now as more dance but it kind of fluctuates, I feel like I kind of have multiple different styles. I play guitar, that’s the first instrument that I ever learned how to play so everything always goes back to the guitar. I love pop music, but I think it’s very dance right now.


Up until now, has there been a song that you’ve enjoyed making the most?

I would say one of the songs on the EP. That song definitely speaks a lot to me especially with what the projects about it kind of tie the entire story of Heartbreak County. It kind of wraps the storyline  rentapress of what LA is about. We care so much about pop culture and fame and I feel like we obsess and idolize over people especially here in Hollywood, but we also don’t really care about them as humans, and we only start caring about them when they’re gone.


How did you feel after the release of your very first single?

I was so nervous, but so excited cuz I was obviously putting a very big part of myself out there and that was very scary at first. It was really relieving because I finally felt at peace with myself and the feedback that I received through that song was way more than I imagined, I didn’t know that there were millions of people in the world that were literally experiencing the exact same thing that I was experiencing. Especially  genztrending coming from a Persian background…they’re so behind as a culture so it was really relieving to know that I wasn’t the only one and I feel like that song was kind of my journey to being confident and happy with myself.


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